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Are one day dentures your last resort?


Having the possibility of getting one day dentures relaxes anyone in need of them. Have you been struggling with your smile? Have you seen the need to remove most of your teeth? If this will be the first time getting dentures, please read on, so you can check out further information about dentures.

We can help you on the same day

One-day dentures are possible to be obtained. Dentures are one of the cheapest options available, but not because it is easy, but due to dentists having other options that are better for their patients for a long-term option.

The denture completely blocks the inside of the roof of the mouth, making it hard to taste your food as normal, it is blocking the majority of the mouth, making it a process of tasting food, which is not only with your tongue, a bit limited. All of the parts of the mouth is an important component to taste your food.

At Dental Clinic Monterrey, we can take care of your denture needs. Get in contact with us to check the affordable options of dentures that can be provided to you the same day. It can take several hours, but since the first visit, you will be aware of the whole procedure. Being able to check your case will be better knowing your dental history, making it better to take care of your dental needs. 

How dentures affect you?


Dentures are bulky because it needs to go to all the corners of your mouth to be able to support your bite. It can be uncomfortable and might change the profile of your face. To keep the denture well, you will have to realign it often, even adding adhesive material to protect the gums, make them more stable or make it easier if the gums get sores.

The moment when you have extracted all your teeth, naturally, the jawbone starts to lose bone density in the long run. This can be stopped if there is a single healthy tooth or proper dental implants. That is one of the main reasons dentists recommend checking the possibility of dental implants.

People would come often to dentist appointments to realign and maintain their dentures, they might complain about their dentures always moving out of position, and unable to bite properly because of the normal instability dentures. It can look good, but the percentage of how normal will be to bite, is not as close having supported dental implants.

Last resource

That is dentures, the last resort to having a smile. When all the teeth have been extracted, you don’t have the finance for other options, dentures are the only way. 

What if we could show you that going abroad for a dental vacation could be the long-term solution for a more stable bite?

Get in contact with our team for information about our costs and how we have helped others have their dental needs met, and how we could help yours.

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