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Can a tooth with a root canal still get infected?


Having an infection can be awful, anybody can be scared and ask: Can a tooth with a root canal still get infected? We will always indicate that every case is different and it depends on the dental history of each person to know why it might have happened or if their probability could rise. Short answer: it is possible, but it depends on so many reasons why it could happen.

The natural root canal of a tooth

Each tooth is unique. Every single one from its neck to the root, has nerves, tiny blood vessels, and connective tissue. The connections of such components can be very complicated, making it elaborate to detect which areas are infected or not. On the first procedure, it might have happened, that there were other accessory canals which could have been housing bacteria, which may seem to have not been removed, reinfecting the tooth without been noticed. 

Time is everything

Time is the most important component in this situation. If it took a lot of time to go to the dentist and take care of checking it, this would make the probabilities even higher. Getting the root canal treatment in good time might have happened, but the placement of the crown or permanent restoration was delayed following the treatment, which also allows bacteria back into the tooth. It might get another cavity, get cracked or damaged, leading to an infection to occur.

Doing the right thing


Going back to the dentist will be better for you than to wait for it to go away. Even if you take antibiotics, there could be accumulation in the tooth or dead tissue that is making a good home for that bacteria to come back. It is better to check it out before it starts to hurt, making it an emergency appointment.

A dentist will take an x-ray to check what is going on in the inside, check what it can be observed from the outside, and possibly drill through the protective barrier that was placed. This will be able to check what was happening inside, once and for all.

We can help

Prices and accommodations for such check-ups can be better determined if you can send us a message or call. In Dental Clinic Monterrey, we are a team of several different specialists of dentistry, that came together for the better service of our clients. We also count with the equipment needed to be able to get answers on the spot, allowing you to, with a single visit, know the whole plan to obtain your desired smile and healthy state.

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