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Consider these 3 things of full jaw dental implants


There should only be one reason to get full jaw dental implants

You won’t have to use dentures ever again!

Besides considering the many reasons of how getting full dental implants will change your life, you should also take into account the things to consider with your dentist. 

Some people get to use them as a part of themselves, but if you have the option to get the dental implants to: 

  • Get back to a routine without having to take care of your dentures
  • Enjoy eating again
  • Forget about your removable dentures
  • Obtaining a lifelong solution 
  • Speaking without having to control your dentures at the same time
  • Lessen the gum irritation that dentures can produce

Get in contact with a dentist to check your options. Meanwhile, this is what you can expect to talk about: 

  1. If you have used dentures and how it has affected your gum or jawbone.
  2. If you have teeth or if you have none left.
  3. Choosing a proper place to do tests and do the procedure according to your needs.

Liberation from dentures

Now that you don’t need more reasons to read about the full jaw dental implants as a viable option, let’s get some pointers noted which are important:

  • If you have remaining teeth or not
  • Health state of your jawbone

Your remaining teeth are healthy or have you talked about the possibility of at some point having to remove them? Because if so, the bone may deteriorate over time if you use dentures or tooth-supported fixed bridges. The health of your gum and jawbone is crucial for long term results, to be able to go through procedures that will allow you to rest your mouth.

All your teeth will be gone or already pulled out?


Then, the next circumstance is to check your jawbone. If your jawbone is not able to support dental implants, then it can’t be done.

Has someone told you that already?  Check options with another dentist if they could use techniques to rebuild bone, restore your natural jawline, and provide a sturdy foundation for implant-supported teeth. Asking around for options is the way to go. For example, Zygomatic implants are a rare option, this procedure implants it in the patient’s cheekbone rather than the jawbone. Not many specialists offer them, but if other procedures aren’t offered to you, maybe this could be another way.

Everything will be about finding a safe and proper way to do things

Due to the case-by-case situation, the best final decision is done by a dentist that has done a proper diagnosis, sending you to do the necessary tests is the first good step. Once everything is in front of the perspective of a specialist, either they or their team could give you your options.

If there is any question regarding the procedure or the techniques used to get full dental implants, get in contact with our team of specialist of Dental Clinic Monterrey, we will gladly help you with any inquiry. We have years of experience and excellent dental implant services. The Clinic has its own testing equipment, allowing you to save time and do all the necessary work in one place.

A life without dentures and having a great set of teeth is possible.

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