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Get your mini dental implants Mexico trip planned today


Setting up your mini dental implants Mexico journey can be easier if you set up the following guidelines: 

  • Knowing what mini dental implants are
  • Having a set of expectations from the process
  • Talk to the Dental Clinic Monterrey with your questions about the dental procedure and accommodations for the trip

What are mini dental implants?

Small titanium screws properly drilled to your jawbone to help you stabilize loose and uncomfortable dentures.

Most of the times the cost of the mini dental implants can be lower than normal dental implants, it all depends on the case of the patient. In theory, due to using less material and having a smaller incision, the total of dental appointments is lowered and it can help you spend less, counting on whatever material you could have been using to make your denture stable, sticking it to its position or to lower the pain of the sores it might have caused.

The difference between normal dental implants and the mini are:

  • The diameter of the hole drilled in the bone. 
  • The strength acquired for a stronger and stable bite.

The traditional screws could be up to 6 mm when the mini implants could be up to 2-3 mm in diameter. That is why is optimal to check your expectation from the process. Talking to the dentist could give you a better understanding of how much stability you obtain. Maybe traditional dental implants are what you wish for in the end.

Using your existing dentures

If you have existing dentures that are the ones you like, they can be used as well to have them set up to attach to the mini implants. 

Most of the time, the dentures can be in perfect state, which is just the gum that is lowering due to losing jawbone from the time without any teeth. Making it perfect for repurposing.

Why go to Mexico for mini dental implants?


The short answer is: the end cost can be cheaper abroad and have the same quality you expect from a local specialist.

We have talked about this subject before in some articles:

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The majority of dental private practices that have information for English speakers is due to them being able to speak and consult patients, speaking clear English.

Put us to the test at Dental Clinic Monterrey, we are a team of dental specialists that strives for every customer to acquire that desired smile. We have helped other customers from abroad to plan and do a responsible dental trip to Mexico. We can take action to see how we can help you next. Call us or send us a message.

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