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Is your DIY for teeth whitening for kids safe?


There are several reasons teeth whitening for kids might have seen safe. Any person can do it with over the counter pastes, dental strips, or daily use toothpaste, but we sometimes forget that kids are in a different circumstance.  Hydrogen peroxide (which is used in pastes as a cleaning agent) in low concentrations is typically safe to put in products used by an adult. This antiseptic product is used in several other products: Why would it be unsafe for kids? Because of the higher concentration of such a product, there is a greater chance of having an adverse effect on your child’s teeth or mouth. 

The most dangerous thing it could happen

Take into perspective that adults know NOT to swallow the cleaning product. Kids (the younger we go) sometimes have trouble discerning the process, which is a natural response to have: swallowing saliva or their food. So, besides the concentration of possibly intoxicating the child, the dental whitening strips could pose a choking hazard. Maybe not to all kids, but ‘being careful is better than been sorry’. Besides this, studies have shown the whitening chemicals can cause varying tooth sensitivity after use in kids.

  • Accidental swallowing
  • Tooth sensitivity on the long-term
  • Not enough data to confirm it could be safe from intoxication.

Your choices affect your child


Take into account choosing a dentist with expertise and qualified dental performance on your young ones. Parents should better keep off from home DIY procedures because they can cause issues. Dentists can advise you on the best procedures to undertake such as cavity protection, gum treatment, among other things, and explain better why certain DIY things don’t work or are harmful.

  • DIY home operations can lead to dental disorders such as damaged gums or an accidental injury.
  • Improper teeth whitening can lead to burned or permanently bleached gums.
  • Your decision to dismiss these warnings could end up costing more to mend them.

Contact us for help

Our team includes pediatric dentistrytrained team members to meet the unique oral health needs of your infants, children, and adolescents. Get in contact with us for proper guidance on the subject.

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