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Learn how to prepare for a root canal treatment


There are many rumors on how to prepare for a root canal which could be based on out-dated information. Either, people remember a family member that had that process done a long time ago and could have the sense that it is a painful treatment. The advances done for pain treatment has also changed.

For example, in Dental Clinic Monterrey we count with a specialist Anesthesiologist, which guides you in any question that you might have for the anesthesia procedure effects before, during, and after the treatment. Our team makes the most of their expertise to prevent pain, keep our clients relaxed and comfortable. Having them in our team makes it better to reduce some anxiety patients might experience due to having dental work done. Helping end some rumors that are part of the past.

Preparing for root canal treatment:

  1. Speak up to your dentist if you are scared of certain aspects of the process, so they can give you options for a more comfortable experience, during and after the treatment.
  2. Ask if you are gonna need pain-killers or antibiotics, for how long, and which ones.
  3. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages or smoking.
  4. Depending on the time of the procedure, make sure to eat well before the process a couple of hours prior (ask your dentist team how long prior to the procedure they recommend). We add this to the list because after the process the numbness could last a bit more, and guidelines of what to eat before the treatment might reduce your options.

As you can see, asking questions on any uncertain aspect of the procedure or what to do after it, is normal.

Any dentist should be able to answer them. 

Contact us if you are still looking for a place to do the treatment

Many top dentists in Mexico practice in dental groups. We at Dental Clinic Monterrey have most of the specialties in one dental practice, making it easier to schedule it and have a clear view in the first session. It is much easier to work in a schedule when having your dental vacation and go site seeing when you just have to see your team in one place. Even they are capable of doing the proper tests for it, making it even more affordable for your budget. Call us or send us a message for more information on costs and other dental related questions.

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