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Symptoms of Needing a Root Canal – Don’t Lose Your Teeth


Going to the dentist should be a priority in everyone’s life. Just as going to the doctor, making an appointment at your dental clinic is necessary to keep track of your health. When you stop taking due care of your oral well-being, some problems start to happen. That is why some people need a root canal.

Have you been experiencing dental pain and want to know what is going on with your teeth? You could have a cavity, sensitivity or even an infected tooth. Don’t worry, if you want to know the symptoms of needing a root canal and what can you do, we’ll talk about it.

What’s a root canal?


Inside every tooth there are canals that contain a soft tissue: the pulp. When you have a deep cavity or a cracked tooth and you don’t treat it, your dental piece is at risk because the pulp can get inflamed or even infected. A root canal is a procedure performed to save the damaged tooth.

It consists of removing the pulp inside the tooth. Then, the canals are cleaned and disinfected. The dentist fills these canals so that they won’t get contaminated again, and then seals the tooth. After a root canal you will need a dental crown in order to protect it from bacteria. Root canals can only be performed with anesthesia, so it won’t hurt during the procedure.

Damaged tooth symptoms

There are some eminent signs that show your teeth could be infected. However, only a certified dentist can diagnose your case and tell you if a root canal is needed. These are some of the symptoms patients usually present: 

  • Mild to severe tooth pain
  • Intense pain when chewing or biting
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks
  • Swollen or darkened gums

How can I prevent a root canal?

Needing a root canal is not something that happens overnight. Although some patients may be more prone to develop dental problems, an infected tooth is something that takes from months to years. Poor dental care is an important reason to develop cavities, which, untreated, can harm your denture more than you imagine.

In order for you to prevent this, you will need to properly brush your teeth at least three times a day, use dental floss, have a balanced diet, and make regular appointments with a professional dentist.

At Dental Clinic Monterrey, we are experts in oral health, and can perform root canals with the best care that our patients deserve. If you wish to set an appointment or get to know our plans, contact us. We’ll be happy to see you smile.

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