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Take advantage of getting full dental implants abroad


Full dental implants abroad are a lifelong investment, for your confidence and the enjoyment of eating. You have asked around your local dentist offices, seen you can’t afford their dental bills, they have even told that more than 2 different dentists need to see you. One wants to avoid taking loans or spending their savings, but you still want a better smile and be able to eat well.

Getting your dental implants is possible!


Stumbling around information that there’s a budget-wise way to get full dental implants, makes it possible when you consider going abroad. Dental vacations are a thing! Have you heard about medical tourism? Going abroad for dental work is part of that world. People have seen that going on their dream vacation is even possible to include it. Getting your dental needs met is important (and the priority!), but even with the extra expenses of your dream vacation, you still save money.

Remember the issue of having to see 2-3 different dentists and include laboratory tests or x-rays? Many top Mexico dentists practice in dental groups. It means you have all the specialties in one dental practice location. You get faster and better results when you have all the specialists in one Mexico dental practice. In Dental Clinic Monterrey we even have the equipment for the x rays and CT scans so you have the whole service in one location.

Let’s talk about implants:

Which ones are the ones you need?

There are two main types of implants:

  • Endosteal: These dental implants are placed in the jawbone.
  • Subperiosteal: These dental implants are placed under the gum but on, or above, the jawbone.

If your jawbone is not able to support dental implants, several techniques can be used to rebuild bone, restore your natural jawline and provide a sturdy foundation for implant-supported teeth.

Type of full mouth dental implants are:

  • Implant dentures (this include Overdenture, Snap-On Dentures): special dentures that snap on to dental implants.
  • Fixed bridge (this includes Fixed Hybrid Denture, Permanent Dentures, All on 6): Only your dentist can remove the teeth during your regular dental cleaning visits.
  • All on 4 (this include Immediate Load Implants)

Costs of dental implants

The cost of full mouth dental implants depends on the number of dental implants per jaw. You will need the number of dental implants to get an estimate. Most of the time, you save 50-70% of the price by going to a dentist in Mexico. Get in contact with us at Dental Clinic Monterrey for more information catered to your needs.

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