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The 4 alternatives to dental implants offered by a dentist


There are 4 alternatives to dental implants we can discuss, which are the basic backbone of any technique to get that dream smile you want with dentures. 

Having the desired smile is something possible thanks to these options:

  1. Partial denture (when missing one or two tooths):  A removable partial denture can be held in place by the teeth next to the gap or with clasps. It is the least expensive option. The not so good stuff about them is that they aren’t stable for eating or speaking as normally. 
  1. Full denture (missing all teeth or missing all upper or lower teeth in the mouth): These dentures are supported by the gums, due to having no teeth remaining in the area, either upper or lower or both sides of the mouth. The good thing about this option: low-cost and non-invasive. The negative: the amount of time it takes to adjust to them for speech and eating. In the long term, it can be seen as a reason for a bone loss to occur in the jawline.
  1. Fixed bridge:  The teeth on either side of the gap are crowned, prepared to be the support for that missing teeth when biting while eating. This method is used mostly when one single tooth is missing. The strongest consequence of this method is that there is a greater risk of the side teeth to eventually become decayed and infected.
  1. Adhesive bridge: It is done most commonly for front teeth, due to having less repetitive stress when eating. It is a good alternative instead of removable dentures, but not as good as the fixed bridge. The teeth adjacent to the gap are needed to be prepared for their help to keep the fake teeth(s) in place. The placement for the bridge can be done from metal alloy covered with porcelain or all-ceramic material.

If you are looking for alternatives, we imagine someone has spoken of dental implants or have come across that option before. We have to put into perspective why. Most of the alternatives come with some consequences in the long-term, in which it can create a circumstance in which implants (a more stable and stronger, long-term option) could no longer be a viable solution. 

 If you feel that the prices are in a way, too high, you can check out our article about dental work in Mexico, allowing you to have access to excellent specialists all under the same location. Dental Clinic Monterrey has a dedicated team of specialists in which you can count on at affordable prices. Either for the alternatives to dental implants or to check out our options of dental implants.

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