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We answer to “How do u know u need a root canal treatment?”


Once we had too many “How do u know u need a root canal treatment?” messages, it was more than necessary to clear up some details. Going to the dentist is one of the fastest ways to know if you are gonna need a root canal therapy procedure, but we understand some people want to research first before going on board with a visit to an Endodontist. “Drilling” a tooth is not something someone likes to think about lightly. If your dentist has already referred you to endodontic treatment, let’s check out somethings.

Your dental history is crucial

There is no escaping from a dental appointment, you need to visit a dentist to check out if any procedure needs to be done or not. Depending on the treatment you are going under, there will be different methods used to save teeth or reconstruct your smile, etc. There are unknown solutions which fear might make you overthink things, it might be simpler than expected. Knowing things will put things into a better perspective.

Visiting a dentist or endodontist?


Circumstances in which you should visit a dentist go from as simple as a normal check-up as preventative care, but decay, disease or injure of a tooth or more, can be a time in which a dentist will recognize it is something an Endodontist (or other dental specialists). Most of the time the dentist has to refer you to such a procedure because the dentist has the whole picture and the endodontist will respect such plan. They are team members for the well-being of their patients.

You will need a root canal treatment when you have the chance to save an unhealthy tooth, instead of removing it altogether, which in the long-term, removing the tooth can cause you to lose part of your jawbone line because there is nothing to support.

Remember that technology and proper research has developed better techniques to keep your smile or rebuild it. Sometimes a tooth can be saved instead of having to remove it. That is why a dentist would refer you for a root canal treatment.

Contact us

Maybe the prices are something that is in your mind, get in contact with us to check out prices and accommodations to make the procedure accessible to you. Our Dental Clinic Monterrey team will be glad to help you out.

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